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6 Years Nixie Ära VFD - tube and display Kit´s

12h / 24h and °C / °F possible for Time Temp IV-3 or IV-12 clock Kit


The DIY Kit incl. all parts, cable version  44,00€, bluetooth version  74,00€

Information, here


All DIY Kit´s incl. all parts, PCB, tubes and power adapter


New IV-11 DCF Version displaying date,weekday, wireless temperature.

In combination with the new GPS to DCF77 Module 12h /24h mode adjustable.

DCF version for UK and Portugal  -1h adjustable.



IV-11 DCF melody 6 digit VFD clock with sound  ¼, ½, ¾ h  using MP3 modul with micro SD card

The DIY Kit incl. all parts, IV-11 / IV-6 VFD tubes and power supply   86,00€

Upgrades, Soundmodule, Date, Weekday, wireless temperature and enclosures.


Temperature is displayed each 10 seconds



IV-3 / IV-6 Time Temp XL

12h / 24h  and °C / F is possible


Quartz-controlled clock with temperature, displays every 15 Sec. Housing in acrylic black and transparent.



Time Temp IV-12 IV-1 Alarm clock with Fm radio and socket for IV-12 tubes

12h / 24h  and °C / F is possible


There are two different enclosures available.


The DIY Kit incl. all parts, IV-12, IV-1 VFD tubes and power supply   66,00€

Upgrades, Fm module with amp. or bluetooth, uniterruptible power supply and enclosures.




IVL1-7/5 FM radio MP3 alarm clock



IVL1-7/5 alarm clock with USB MP3 modul and speaker.

Information, click here



IV-11 in/out Thermometer

VFD IV-11 Tube 1 - 3 color "gold", Tube 4 "blue"



In and out Temperatur with  2x DS18B20, switable. -55°C - +99,9°C

Tube LED´s IV-11 green for IN, red for OUT temperatur,

At 0.00°C - 55°C Tube LED  "c"  blue.



Other VFD Projects


ILC1-1/8L ILT1-5 L VFD large display tube clock.




Big 7 Segment VFD Display Clock4 x ILC1-1/7  , 2 x IV-29 DP, 2 x ILC1-1/8L Seconds.





Tube Amp Case



If your looking for Tube Case Projects and DIY Kits VFD clocks , you are right here.